Muriel Bowser is a single mom with a daughter in DCPS. She was born in Ward 5, lives in Ward 4 and has delivered for all eight wards. She’s the leader we need as we continue our comeback and work to give every DC resident a fair shot. During her time as Mayor, she has been instrumental in overcoming COVID-19 in DC— administering 1.4 million vaccines, safely reopening schools, keeping small business open and providing rent relief to residents who struggled to make rent payments.

Mayor Bowser is committed to keeping DC safe and affordable. She had thrown every resource necessary to enhance public safety, reduce crime, and invest over $1B in affordable housing. With a vision for DC’s future, Muriel Bowser has plans in motion to open the first hospital East of the River in 20 years, actively forging a path towards DC Statehood and fighting to overcome the impacts of climate change.