Historic Investments in Affordable Housing and Reducing Homelessness

Muriel Bowser is fighting to make homelessness rare, brief, and onetime-only. As Mayor, she drove down the rate of family homelessness by 78%. Muriel will continue to push for smaller, more service-focused shelters and is working to build seven new family shelters throughout DC. Muriel Bowser is focused on making sure we are not pushed out of our homes. That’s why she led the U.S. in distributing rent relief to those who couldn’t pay their rent due to COVID-19. As Mayor, she’s invested over $1 billion in affordable housing—more money than ever.

Historic Investments

Perhaps no jurisdiction in the country has tackled the issue of housing more aggressively than this one. In 2014, Muriel promised to invest $100 million in affordable housing; a historic investment at the time. Since then, she’s made history again and again. In March of this year, she announced a $500 million investment, for a 7-year total of $1billion. That’s money well-spent.  DC had more housing growth than any other state and by 2025, we will deliver 36,000 new homes – including at least 12,000 affordable homes.

Homeowner Resources

Last year, Muriel launched a new one-stop shop to connect current and future homeowners in the District with more than 50 resources that help residents thrive as DC homeowners. The site,, makes District resources more accessible so that residents can prepare to buy a home, get help paying their mortgage, make home repairs and improvements, save money on their property taxes, and navigate the requirements of homeownership.

Investing in Black Homeownership

Muriel is also investing in housing for residents of color. With a $40 million package of Legacy Initiatives, we can help more Black residents who, right now, are wondering whether they need to move out of DC to afford rent; and how we can support their wealth-building. And we know the best way to do that is through home ownership. We can also help seniors age in place by lowering the cap on property taxes. And by providing legal assistance to families, we can help more Washingtonians pass on their homes to the next generation – keeping families like the Bowsers, who have lived here for generations, in Washington, DC. 

We have accomplished so much, but there is more that must be done to provide affordable rental and home ownership opportunities.