Making Education Work for DC Students and Families

As a single mom with a daughter in DCPS, education is personal for Muriel Bowser. Just like you, she wants to ensure every kid gets a good education—regardless of where they live. Muriel and the DCPS Chancellor, with Council oversight, led the fastest improving urban school district in the nation. She has made various investments towards DCPS including 37 new or renovated schools, 1,000 new high-quality child care seats, 1:1 device distribution for students, opened two new early childhood education centers, created Kids Ride Free Metro program for DC public, charter, and independent schools, and scholarships through the DC Futures Program. Under Muriel’s leadership, public school enrollment and achievement have both increased.

Committed to Mayoral Leadership of Schools

Muriel has done all of this because of a steadfast commitment to the educational reforms begun in 2007, which made the Mayor accountable for educational performance in our public schools. Before then, a School Board had control of the public schools creating a lack of accountability and our schools languished. As the Washington Post recently wrote:

D.C. public schools were in disrepair. Textbooks took forever to move from warehouses to classrooms. New teachers’ paychecks got lost in the system, and daily student attendance went largely untracked. There was no uniform curriculum and no art or music taught in elementary classes. Student test scores lagged far below the national average, and fewer than 10 percent of students performed at grade level.”

Muriel’s opponents in this race to be your Mayor want to return to the bad old days by reconstituting an unaccountable school board. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, a retreat from demonstrated success in our public schools is the wrong approach. If reelected, Muriel is committed to continue to make more progress, and to continue to be accountable to parents, students, and teachers.

In 2014, Muriel committed to create a seat for every child in a quality school—no matter her zip code or her parent’s tax bracket. We’ve made a lot of progress since then.

DCPS has continued to be the fastest improving urban school district. Public school enrollment grew for 11 consecutive years. We have made steady improvements on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly called the Nation’s Report Card. Since 2010, high school graduation rates have improved from 58% to 70%; innovative educators and parent communities have partnered to create new, high-quality DCPS and public charter schools. Muriel invested more than $200 million in early childcare facilities, and billions in new elementary, middle, and high school facilities. She was the first to open hybrid learning last year, and this year every DCPS school is open five days a week.